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Cubility Featured in World Oil Magazine

World Oil Magazine features Cubility.Our MudCube was proudly featured in the September 2016 issue of World Oil Magazine!

The article evaluates the MudCube’s performance in the Marcellus shale while discussing the MudCube’s quality drilling fluids maintenance coupled with great cost efficiency.

The MudCube and its Effect on Drilling Cuttings

The MudCube is said to effectively address shortcomings experienced using common shale shakers, and that it effectively demonstrates a substantial “decrease in mud losses to cuttings, as measured by mud on cuttings.”

Better Than the Pre-Eminent Onshore Technology

The MudCube reduces not only the amount of waste produced in comparison to shale shakers and other related secondary systems, but it effectively reduces equipment maintenance, consumables, total mix of drilling materials, chemical usage, and more.

Read More About How the MudCube Works

To date, the new system [MudCube] has been deployed on a number of high-profile fields, particularly on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. In one such installation, on the Maersk Giant jackup, the system replaced four traditional shale shakers. This led to improved drilling efficiencies with less drilling fluid being lost, more returned to the mud tanks for reuse, and a significant reduction in costs.

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CubilityCubility Featured in World Oil Magazine