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World Oil Discusses Cubility Solids Control Technologies

World Oil discusses Cubility solids control technologies.
World Oil recently published an article discussing our newly signed distribution partnership with Houston-based Stage 3 Separation and Calgary-based New Tech Solids Inc. The article was also featured in this morning’s World Oil e-newsletter.

Cubility MudCube Responds to Demands in Drilling Market

The article shares that the partnership will result in “a substantial fleet of MudCubes entering the North American land drilling market over the next few years in response to increased demand for improved drilling efficiencies, reduced waste and lower costs.”

MudCube Solids Control Solution

Cubility MudCube solids control technologies provide today’s land and offshore drilling industry the cost-effectiveness it needs. The MudCube effectively addresses shortcomings experienced using common shale shakers. Improvements the MudCube provides include:

  • Reduced mud on cuttings
  • Reduced drilling fluids loss
  • Reduced drilling waste
  • And more

MudCubes Benefit Drilling, Worldwide

As also mentioned in the article, the MudCube not only benefits North American drilling but drilling worldwide. Currently, Far East, Middle East, North Sea, and South American drilling sites also benefit from the Mudcube’s lightweight solids control.

Learn More About the MudCube in World Oil

You can read more here about the MudCube in World Oil:

CubilityWorld Oil Discusses Cubility Solids Control Technologies