Why should I buy a CubeLink?

CubeLink technology reduces overall drilling cost.
Cubility CubeLink at work.

The CubeLink is Cleaner, Safer, and Cost-Effective

The CubeLink transports drilling waste in a cleaner, safer, and more cost-effective manner than traditional waste-transporting technology.

The CubeLink Works With Any Shale Shaker

Cubility’s lightweight solids control products include the CubeLink and the MudCube. Both products can work together or separate for superior solids control. The CubeLink can work with the MudCube or any other shale shaker, as desired, to transport drilling waste on drilling rigs while reducing waste handling and drilling fluid costs and remaining environmentally-friendly.

While the MudCube minimizes the tonnage of waste generated and raises drilling fluid performance, which all contribute to an overall reduction in cost, the CubeLink works to safely, cleanly, and cost-effectively transport drilling waste. Together, the CubeLink and the MudCube greatly reduce money on drilling waste. Separately, the CubeLink regardless saves more money than traditional drilling waste transporters.

Replacing Ineffective Waste Transporting Systems

The CubeLink replaces complex and ineffective waste transporting systems. It works to improve the quality of drilling fluids while saving on overall costs.

CubilityWhy should I buy a CubeLink?