Cubility MudCooler for solids control.

What is a MudCooler?

A Cubility MudCooler cools mud 11 to 15 °C, which is cooler than many of today’s mud coolers. It is a mud cooling kit that is an add-on to the MudCube. The MudCube can be equipped with an integrated MudCooler as an insert into a standard MudCube.

Cubility MudCooler for solids control.

Mud-Cooling with the MudCube

The MudCube itself has a proven mud-cooling effect due to high airflow of cold air of up to 20,000 litres of air per minute and per MudCube through the filter belt, which already provides a lower cost of consumables, and thereby through the mud itself. The MudCube alone cools mud better than most solids control systems.

The Cubility MudCooler Improves Drilling Overall

The Cubility MudCooler is highly efficient and effective. It reduces overall drilling costs and stress from drilling solids on other equipment. It also happens to be lighter weight than many mud cooling systems, leading to lower construction costs.

The MudCooler kit brings mud to a proven 11 to 15 °C cooler. While many solids control systems need external mud coolers, this kit, when requested to be added on, is integrated with the MudCube and eliminates the need for external mud coolers. Contact us to learn more about how the Cubility MudCooler can improve drilling efficiency, today.

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