What is a CubeLink?

The CubeLink transports drilling waste in a cleaner, safer, and more cost-effective manner than traditional waste-transporting technology.

Cubility CubeLink.

The CubeLink Improves Drilling Waste Transportation

The CubeLink works to safely, cleanly, and cost-effectively transport drilling waste. The CubeLink can work with the MudCube or any other shale shaker, as desired, to transport drilling waste on drilling rigs while reducing waste handling and drilling fluid costs and remaining environmentally-friendly.

The CubeLink has many proven benefits, including:

  • Improved quality of drilling fluids
  • Savings on overall drilling costs
  • Improved overall drilling efficiency

Using the CubeLink for Maximum Drilling Efficiency

Cubility Solids Control

Cubility’s lightweight solids control products include the CubeLink and the MudCube. Both products can work together or separate for superior solids control. The CubeLink works hand-in-hand with the MudCube for overall improved solids control. With the MudCube and CubeLink combined, Cubility works to provide the complete package for greater drilling efficiency.

CubilityWhat is a CubeLink?