What Does the MudCube Replace?

Pushing through hundreds or even thousands of feet of topsoil results in a quite a mess on your tools and your hands, adding a substantial quantity of solid matter to the drilling fluids needed to power machines.

Previously, drillers had to shake and centrifuge their drilling fluids in order to clean and maintain equipment. The MudCube replaces a complex shaking system with a new and innovative approach to liquid separation.

Cubility MudCube

Our Innovative Approach to Solids Control

The MudCube relies on filter vacuum pumps rather than the high-vibration technique of previous fluid separators. Since the MudCube doesn’t need to rattle liquid around for hours in order to separate solid matter, it cuts down significantly on costs for fluid reclamation, reducing the energy needed to separate drilling fluid by up to 80%.

High Solid Removal Efficiency

What’s more, this increase in energy efficiency is mirrored by an increase in fluid capture efficiency, because the MudCube minimizes both the quantity of lost liquid and the quantity of solid waste. This improves upon the previous open-loop systems that fracking and offshore oil development rely upon in order to maintain their drills. The MudCube’s efficiency has been proven out in the field, furthermore, having been used in 40 different wells across 8 different countries.

Strong Safety Record

Previous fluid-separating systems posed a further risk to operators, a factor that makes the MudCube particularly appealing given its strong safety record. The MudCube reduces the risk of workers coming in contact with toxic materials, exposure to hazardous gasses and fluids, and harm from vibration of a shake-separation machine.

Since the MudCube can maintain low-gravity solids at the proper concentration and keep temperatures down, it has far less risk of any overpressure or overheating. In addition to the health benefits of workers, the MudCube is an eco-friendly separating tool, producing less carbon dioxide and less drilling waste than open-loop shake systems.

Separating solids from liquids has never been easier than it is with the MudCube, the most innovative solids control system on the marketplace today.

CubilityWhat Does the MudCube Replace?