What does the CubeLink replace?

The CubeLink replaces complex and ineffective waste transporting systems.

Replacing Ineffective Waste Transportation

With the CubeLink provides improved drilling efficiency as well as an improved working environment. It works with any shale shaker to streamline waste transportation while improving the quality of drilling fluids as well as greatly saving on overall costs.

The CubeLink Improves Working Environments

The CubeLink transports drilling waste in a cleaner, safer, and more cost-effective manner than traditional waste-transporting technology. The machine replaces complex and ineffective waste transporting systems with its new and innovative approach to waste transportation.

Better Than Traditional Waste Transportation Systems

The CubeLink waste transportation system not only works to safely, cleanly, and cost-effectively transport drilling waste in comparison to other related drilling waste transportation systems, but it effectively reduces equipment maintenance, consumables, chemical usage, and more.

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Perfect Shale Shaker Compatibility

The CubeLink works seamlessly with any shale shaker, including the MudCube. Any shale shaker paired with the CubeLink will produce superior lightweight solids control.

CubilityWhat does the CubeLink replace?