Test Center

Use your resources wisely. Do your testing at the Cubility solids control test center.

Cubility Test Center

Cubility is offering full-scale fluid and solids control testing at its state-of-the-art test center in Sandnes, Norway. Our facility is equipped with one test cell where the MudCube is permanently installed. This one test cell can be adapted as required for several types of equipment and as a common control room with remote control activation.

You can perform basic fluid analysis at our mud lab or mix the mud with any type of solids and cuttings to measure filtering efficiency. To ensure a seamless testing process, you can set up various test equipment in the technical rooms and store equipment and material in our warehouse. You can also take advantage of our well-equipped workshop with crane capabilities and adjacent offices and meeting rooms.

If you ever have any questions, our team of experienced engineers and technicians is always standing by.

Cubility solids control test center
Cubility Test Center

Cubility Test Center main control room

Utilities and Capacities


The Test Center can simultaneously store up to 20m³ of two different mud types.
All pits are equipped with agitators and the mud loops system has the capacity to circulate mud up to 75C°.


The Test Center is equipped with four effective mud transfer pumps with maximum capacity of 5800 lpm.


All valves are pneumatic operated and connected to an advanced control system.


All parts of the mud loop, such as flow lines and mud pits, are monitored and controlled from the Main Control Room.

Most parameters can be selected for variable configurations such as directions of mudflow, flow- and pump rate, volume of cuttings and mud parameters as viscosity, mud weight, temperature and density.

All test cells and technical areas are also equipped with CCTV.


One of the test cells is fitted with offshore standard HVAC, with a capacity up to 12000 m³/pr.h.

Specifications Chart



Vacuum Tank: 6m³ 1585 gal
Pit in basement: 17,5 m³ 4623 gal
Vacuum Pump: 1×40500 lpm 1×1430 CFM
Transfer pump main: 3000lpm 792 gpm
Transfer pump basement: 2800lpm 740 gpm
Circulation pump: 2400 lpm 634 gpm
Quick mix feed pump: 900 lpm 237 gpm
Quick mix: 1350 lpm/up to 7mt/h 356 gpm up to 15432 lb/h
Mobile circulation pump: 300 lpm 79 gpm
Heat system for fluid: Up to 75°C Up to 167°F
HVAC North Sea offshore std: 12,000 m³/h 423700 CFM/h
Power: A230/400/690V 50-60 Hz
Flow capacity: Up to 6000 lpm Up to 1585 GPM
Mud lab: Rheology/Retorte +++ Rheology/Retort +++
Compressed Air capacity: 7,4m³/min 261 CFM/min
Air dryer: 3,5m³/min 123 CFM/min
Various sensors: Temp/Flow/Density/Pressure
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