PureCube – Dry Solids Separation System with Spray-Bar Rinse

The PureCube performs solids separation, washing and dewatering within one compact unit!

The PureCube being a heavy-duty but highly compact microvibration enhanced continuous vacuum filterbelt is applicable in many industry segments such as the mining industry. Water reuse and dry solids are some of the keywords , and where cleaner materials are required, spray bars can be included to assist with the washing process. Some applications have experienced a humidity content as low as 12% with a PureCube Separation System, but final humidity depends on both surface as well as inherent humidity. On average we achieve 18-22% within mining tailings and water management applications where minerals are involved. Please contact us in Cubility for further info.

The PureCube performs solids separation, washing and dewatering within one compact unit.

Seminar i Santiago with Norwegian Tunneling Network

Cubilitys, Henrik J. Steffens  were on of the speakers when  Norwegian Tunnelling Network (NTN) held a technical seminar in Santiago de Chile to meet authorities, stakeholders, and the Chilean tunnel industry, to discuss projects, methods, technology and latest experiences from Norway and Chile. The activities were planned and carried out in cooperation with Innovation Norway and The Norwegian Embassy in this High Potential Opportunity (HPO) program. Fieldtrips were also conducted to the impressive new Metro projects under construction, and visit to Codelco and the El Teniente, the world’s biggest underground copper mine. 
We have received great feedbacks from the tunnelling community in Chile concerning the #PureCube product together with other technologies from Norway. Thanks to the excellent planning from the NTN project team including Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Embassy in Santiago. And we would like to give a special thanks to the Chilean Tunnelling Committee (CTES).