Chile’s Mining Industry focuses on Recycled Water

With the global demand for copper and other critical minerals increasing, water supply in Chile’s mining industry has become a crucial issue. The adoption of water recycling technologies and desalination has been established as an essential solution to ensure the sustainability of an industry vital to both the country’s economy and the production of metals for the global energy transition.

Cubility’s partner and distributor in Chile, iHydroChile, is diligently implementing our PureCube technology to enhance water recycling from tailings and wastewater. There is a growing interest in this unique solids/liquid separating system, with its compact and high-capacity enclosed design being rapidly adopted across various industrial sectors worldwide. Our clients have expressed great satisfaction with the technology’s combination of high-frequency vibrations and high air flow through a rotating filter belt, resulting in unparalleled solids/liquid separation efficiency.

According to iHydroChile, an increasing number of mining companies in Chile now recycle the water used in their industrial processes, demonstrating the mining industry’s strong commitment to sustainable operations. Several mining companies aim to achieve zero consumption of continental water within the next 10 years. These goals are part of a water transition strategy that will facilitate the development of green mining, focusing on the sustainable use of water and the utilization of renewable energy sources for water production and transportation processes.

We wish iHydroChile success in their endeavours over the coming months and look forward to reporting exciting news from Chile’s mining industry!