MudCube Scarabeo 5 after

Scarabeo 5 – Norwegian Continental Shelf Offshore Performance Report

Scarabeo 5 – Saipem

Cubility Scaraebo 5 Four MudCubes installed in 2013 replacing five Derrick FLC-513 VE shale shakers.

  • Rig type: Semi-sub (Maritime Engineering 4500 DP)
  • Delivered: April 1990
  • Location: Norwegian Continental Shelf

Running-hours per MudCube as of February 16, 2016

  • MudCube #1: 3050 hours
  • MudCube #2: 3498 hours
  • MudCube #3: 3568 hours
  • MudCube #4: 3213 hours
  • Total running-hours all four MudCubes on Scarabeo 5: 13329 hours

Non-Productive Time (NPT) registered due to MudCubes on Scarabeo 5: 0 hours

Statement from Rig Manager Scarabeo 5, Saipem

Saipem hereby announces that there are no registered downtime MudCubes aboard the Scarabeo 5, and that MudCubes have high operating regularity and Cubility’s ability to support and consult our clients is very good. The support from Cubility during operation is also something which is especially [great] in this context. Especially when you have a new solution for solids control like this, willingness to optimize both technical and for the users are absolutely present. We are in the opinion that MudCubes give us a safe and good regularity during operation.

Rig Manager Scarabeo 5, February 19, 2016

Before & After Installation on Scarabeo 5

Scarabeo 5 before MudCube     MudCube Scarabeo 5 after

CubilityScarabeo 5 – Norwegian Continental Shelf Offshore Performance Report