Replace Other Equipment

Solids control systems

Replacement of Other Secondary Solids Control Equipment

The MudCube is a drilling fluid management system that will effectively replace the following:

Traditional Shale Shakers for Primary Solids Control

The MudCube, with its use of vacuum and high volumes of air to separate drilling fluid from drill cuttings, is a highly efficient alternative to the vibrating types of shale shakers. The throughput capacity of the system is higher at similar screen / filter belt sizes.

Desanders, Desilters and Centrifuges

The unique filtration capability of the MudCube can eliminate the need for both desilter, desander and centrifuge equipment and settling tanks. This can reduce overall footprint, minimize maintenance during operations and eliminate the loss of drilling fluid that would typically occur through this type of solids control equipment.

Cuttings Driers and Centrifuges

The MudCube technology has proven over and over again that without using additional solids control equipment (cutting driers, centrifuges etc ), Oil On Cuttings ( OOC wet wt% ) levels below 6.9 wt % can be met in every sections drilled. By removing the additional solid control equipment, large sums can be saved per well in addition to reduced POB. In some cases as much as $700 000 USD has been proven saved per well drilled.

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