MudCubes Were Used to Drill Wells by the Following Companies

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  • Saipem
  • Dong Energy
  • Statoil
  • Maersk
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In Several Geographic Areas

MudCube international

Customer Feedback

Support and Performance

“The MudCube has proved its eligibility. At present there is no other mud fluid treatment system on the same level as the MudCube, neither environmentally nor economically.”

“I went to get a coffee and brought it back to the MudCube lounge because this is the nicest place to be”

“All parameters related to the MudCubes are now closely being measured and evaluated. We have seen a substantial impact on HSE parameters and significant savings in terms of reduction in waste, less mud loss, better drilling fluid properties, resulting in less wear on equipment and reduced dilution rate”

“There has been a great focus on the project from all players. Cubility committed the necessary resources to meet their deliveries in connection with the installation of the MudCubes and upgrading of Maersk Giant.”

Operational Reliability

“I hereby confirm that in almost 2 years of operation MudCubes have not caused any down time to the rig, nor NPT for the Client. Rig crew has in short time became fully competent and trained for operation and maintenance of MudCubes, hence change out of parts or consumables is a routine task.

Spare parts and consumables required were always available of the shelf with extremely fast delivery, and the online support from Cubility Technical team was first class, allowing us to maintain close dialogue and deliver additional value to the Client.”

“Our experience with MudCubes is that we did not have any rig down time or NPT caused by MudCubes. There has been periods where we have done overhaul or upgrade on MudCubes as you can find in Cubility servicemen visit reports. But apart from that, the MudCubes did not cause revenue loss on the rig.”

“I hereby confirm that we have not experienced any downtime in relation to MudCubes on the rig.”

“We hereby announce that there is no registered downtime MudCubes aboard the rig, MudCubes have high operating regularity and Cubility`s ability to support and consult our clients are very good. The support from Cubility during operation is also something which is especially in this context. Especially when you have a new technical solution for solids control like this, willingness to optimize both technical and for the users are absolutely present. We are in the opinion that the MudCubes gives us a safe and good regularity during Operation.”

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