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The MudCube is the first fully enclosed, lightweight solids control system for all types of drilling fluids. It replaces the traditional shale shaker but only uses one tenth of the G-forces and avoid generating fines in the filtration process. The MudCube primary solids control technology separates solids and liquid using light vibrations in combination with high air flow through a rotating filterbelt to separate all types of drilling fluids from drilled solids. This results in improved performance while creating a healthy working environment.

MudCube camera option

The MudCube can be equipped with an integrated IP camera and an active light source to ensure a high quality view of the conditions inside the MudCube with all covers closed.

Test center rental

Cubility is offering full scale fluid- and solids control test center at our HQ in Sandnes. The heart of the test center is two fully instrumented test cabins and a control room with efficient systems for remote control if required. The center is equipped with capacities to create a realistic test environment with drilling fluid flows up to 4500 LPM (1200 GPM) and temperatures up to 85 oC (185oF). The drilling fluid can be mixed with any type of solids and cuttings to measure filtering efficiency.