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Cubility’s expanding technology portfolio focuses on the industry’s growing requirement to improve its treatment processes, with the aim of producing cleaner effluent and a lower carbon footprint. Our product range serves a wide range of industries, including the oil and gas sector and a host of other industrial applications, and enables our customers to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

Since its introduction in 2012, our MudCube product has been a game changer in the oil and gas sector, enabling more effective solids control separation and improvements to the working environment. Consistently improved separation processes mean that less drilling fluid is consumed, resulting in less waste and a more environmentally friendly operation at lower cost.

Our most recent product, the PureCube, is based on same innovative core technology as MudCube and will be able to address wastewater treatment challenges that other equipment currently on the market cannot perform, delivering on the same values.

Cubility’s patented CubeBelt has been used successfully in the oil and gas sector since 2012 and will be a key component in many PureCube applications. Others may require a combination of filterbelt solutions offered by Cubility.

Cubility’s Cube technology, with its unique combination of rotation, vacuum and vibration features, addresses current industry challenges, and its versatility makes it a natural choice for a variety of applications. 


The MudCube is the first fully enclosed, lightweight solids control system for use with all types of drilling fluids. It replaces the traditional shale shaker, but uses only one tenth of the G-forces which prevents the generation of fines in the filtration process. The MudCube primary solids control technology separates all types of drilled solids from liquids by using light vibration combined with high air flow through a rotating filterbelt. This results in improved performance, reduced waste and CO2emissions, and promotes a healthy working environment. 

The MudCube’s higher quality and more effective solids separation approach offers significant cost savings to the industry.

It provides an ideal platform for data gathering from mud and cuttings, and is ideally positioned as a component in upcoming digitalisation strategies.

Operators worldwide are demanding faster drilling times and are using a variety of procurement strategies as a means of driving down costs. In this environment, the MudCube represents a major step forward in applicability, flexibility and efficiency.

Reduce waste and environmental footprint

Improve recycling of drilling fluid and at same time reduce cost

Improved solid control

Improve working environment

100% enclosed system – gas extraction


The PureCube’s innovative and compact design enables the performance of multiple separation processes, from fine particle dewatering to heavy solid sludge treatment, using just a single machine. The combination of a rotating filterbelt, with high air volume flow supported by microvibration, greatly optimises the separation of liquids from solids.

The PureCube’s unique design offers greater efficiency in a wide range of applications, providing tangible value to the end user. Its features can be used individually or in combination, depending on challenge to solve.

Compact, modular design

100% enclosed system – gas extraction

Can handle large variations in feed

Filterbelt covers a wide range of cutpoints, ranging from ~ 1mm to below 50 µm – Change in 3-4 min

Microvibration system can be adjusted to material process


Cubility’s CubeBelt technology takes filterbelt separation to a new level. The filterbelt is manufactured using 316L stainless steel, enabling it to handle almost any type of fluid, often under conditions where other technologies fail.

The origins of the CubeBelt technology in the oil and gas sector enable it to meet separation challenges that other sectors have not previously achieved. CubeBelt complements other Cube technology products offered by Cubility.