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The MudCube is the first compact, lightweight solids control system for all type of drilling fluids, eliminating the traditional process of shaking fluid and solids.The MudCube primary solids control technology separates solids and liquid differently from the traditional type of high G forces vibrating shale shakers, using a combination of high air flow and vacuum to separate all types of drilling fluids from drilled solids.

MudCube camera option

The MudCube camera option is a PoE IP camera and light to give the MudCube operator, driller a very good view of filtration inside the MudCube.

Testcenter rental

Cubility is offering full scale fluid- and solids control testing at our TestCenter in Sandnes. The heart of the testcenter is two fully instrumented test cabins and a control room with effective communication system for remote control if required. It has a unique setup testing drilling fluid and equipment related to this segment. The mud can be mixed with any type of solids and cuttings to measure filtering efficiency.