Oil On Cuttings (OOC)

In many geographies around the world, an average discharge limit of 6.9 wt% Oil On Cuttings (OOC) over the entire well is established if the drill-cuttings is allowed being dumped directly to the sea. Using conventional shale shaker technology, additional equipment like cuttings driers and centrifuges are used on the rig offshore to obtain these levels.

Average Oil On Cuttings OOC pr well

The MudCube technology has proven over and over again that without using additional solids control equipment (cutting driers, centrifuges etc ), Oil On Cuttings ( OOC wet wt% ) levels below 6.9 wt % can be met in every section drilled. By removing the additional solid control equipment, large sums can be saved per well in addition to reduced POB. In some cases as much as 700 000 USD has been proven saved per well drilled.

Dry Cuttings

Reduce Drilling Fluid Lost

CubilityOil On Cuttings (OOC)