North American Solids Control Innovation with Cubility

Hart’s E&P shared Cubility’s effects on shale fields this month. There the MudCube is described as highly efficient and productive. The MudCube renders drilling rigs to their highest levels of productivity.

Traditional Shale Shakers vs the MudCube

Traditional shale shakers provide greater limitations, including higher maintenance costs and HSE risks, lost mud, and an increase in solids over extended use. With the MudCube solids control, all mud is processed within an enclosed vacuum-based system which provides better quality drilling fluid and increases worker productivity time.

“The system also eliminates the need for multiple shaker panels, with the solids removal efficiency also ensuring that as much as 80% more mud is recovered than competing technologies, which is a huge benefit when multiplied by several onshore rigs,” said the article.

MudCube Easy Installation Quickly Impacts the Bottom Line

“The MudCube’s easy installation on drilling pads is ensuring that it can impact the bottom line almost immediately,” shared the article.

MudCube implementation in North America so far includes a successful partnership with EQT Corp. as well as a successful deployment for Murphy Oil in Canada. Cubility also gained an exclusive distribution partnership with Canadian-based New Tech Solids Inc. which lead to the MudCube’s most recent deployment with Shell.

You can read more here about the benefits of the MudCube:

CubilityNorth American Solids Control Innovation with Cubility