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Cubility and Stage 3 Separation Announce One of The Largest MudCube® Deployments To The North American Market

Houston, USA; September 5, 2018: Cubility AS, a leading provider of solids control solutions that improve efficiencies, solids control and HSE around drilling operations, has announced that it has sold a substantial number of MudCube® systems to its exclusive distribution partner Stage 3 Separation for immediate deployment to Stage 3 Separation customers in the land drilling market. This transaction represents the second wave of deployments, following the 2017 MudCube market break-through on US land between the partners. (Continued below)

The MudCube is the industry’s first compact solids control system that eliminates the traditional process of shaking fluid and solids, and the announcement marks one of the largest MudCube deployments in North America, meeting industry demand for improved drilling efficiencies, lower mud consumption, reduced volumes of, and cleaner, drilling waste. All together contributing further to today’s industry drive for increased efficiency throughout the well construction process to lower costs. The MudCube also provide users with unparalleled HSE performance, controlling noise, vibration and vapours.

The MudCube will form a key part of the Stage 3 Separation Performance Platform, a mobile and modular stand for onshore drilling operations. Through the platform, the MudCube is easily and inexpensively installed in rigs and well pads with minimal impact on ongoing operations and delivering immediate ROI.

Even Gjesdal, CEO of Cubility said: “What is clear from today’s breakthrough announcement is that Cubility and Stage 3 Separation have developed both a highly effective business model and a highly attractive value proposition for North American operators and drilling contractors, outperforming the competition and providing a modular and flexible solids control solution that can impact on the bottom line of the customers within days.”

He continued: “With the fast-growing US land drilling market and the rise in pad drilling and multiple wells from the same location, we are delighted to be partnering with one of the industry’s leading specialized service providers in Stage 3 Separation, and ensuring that the MudCube remains a central part of the North American solids control and drilling market now and into the future.”

His words were backed up by Fred Lausen of Stage 3 Separation: “With our current MudCube deployments to US land drilling operations, along with incoming orders to Cubility, Stage 3 Separation has made a clear market endorsement of the Stage 3 Separation Performance Platform and our commitment to providing the very best solutions to our customer base. We look forward to continuing to work with Cubility and bringing even more MudCubes to market, delivering drilling efficiencies and cost reductions to our customers.”

The MudCube is a compact, lightweight solids control system that eliminates the traditional process of shaking fluids from the drilled solids with the associated negative HSE impact. The MudCube uses a combination of high airflow and a rotating screen filtration system to improve separation efficiency, allowing more drilling fluid to be recycled back to the mud tanks and simultaneously providing dryer cuttings and less drilling waste. This leads to improved drilling efficiencies, reduced operational costs, improved HSE working conditions.

Over the last years – both onshore and offshore – the MudCube has played a vital role in helping operators optimise the well construction process, with significant contracts around the world; The North Sea, the Middle East, Asia, South America, and North America. Customers (among others) include Equinor, Chevron, Hess, Shell, Dong Energy, Maersk Drilling and Saipem.

About Cubility AS

Cubility AS is an innovative Norwegian company that is improving drilling operations and the solids control challenges that accompany them. Cubility is based in Sandnes, Norway, where it houses a state-of-the-art test centre, and has sales offices in Houston, Kuala Lumpur and Al Khobar, as well as distribution partners across all the major oil & gas producing regions.

About Stage 3 Separation

Houston-based Stage 3 Separation specializes in high quality solids control equipment designed for closed loop mud systems to effectively manage solids, reducing costs for the operator and providing limited or zero discharge solutions as necessary. Stage 3 has nearly 300 employees, including 240 field operations personnel on customer job sites, assisting deployments and making intelligent and informed recommendations on how to best manage efficiencies and cost savings.

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CubilityCubility and Stage 3 Separation Announce One of The Largest MudCube® Deployments To The North American Market