Does the MudCube work onshore and offshore?

Yes. The MudCube provides quality, cost-reducing solids control technology onshore as well as offshore.

”Cubility MudCube onshore and offshore technology.”

Worldwide Onshore and Offshore Solids Control

MudCube’s lightweight solids control technology is trusted and is used worldwide. Cubility has secured contracts for onshore and offshore MudCube use in North America, North Sea, South America, Far East, and the Middle East, to date.

Cubility Onshore Solids Control Technology

The MudCube reduces not only the amount of waste produced in comparison to shale shakers and other related secondary systems, but it effectively reduces equipment maintenance, consumables, total mix of drilling materials, chemical usage, and more.

Cubility Offshore Solids Control Technology

Compared to other popular shale shaker technology, the MudCube produces extremely low levels of mud on cuttings, or dry cuttings. In effect, the MudCube heavily cuts offshore drilling costs by reducing resources spent to transport and dispose mud on cuttings during the offshore drilling process.

CubilityDoes the MudCube work onshore and offshore?