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MudCube Solids Control Used in NCS’s Deepest Well

Stavanger, Norway; September 1 2016: Cubility AS, a leading provider of solids control solutions, is proud to announce that its MudCube solids control system is supporting drilling operations on the deepest well ever drilled on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

Three MudCubes are in operation on the Maersk Gallant jack-up drilling rig operated by Total E&P Norge, which – on July 31st 2016 – drilled the Solaris ultra HP/HT well to a total depth of 5,941 meters, True Vertical Depth (TVD). Benefits to Total of the MudCubes during the drilling include improved working conditions and no costly HVAC upgrades to the shaker room; improved drilling efficiencies with less drilling fluid being lost and more returned to the mud tanks for reuse; and the cuttings having a low mud content for easier and cheaper disposal.

With the Solaris well one of the most challenging exploration wells in the North Sea, a number of other records have also been broken during drilling including the largest and most complicated Blowout Preventer (BOP) stack rig up; the biggest cement job (600 m3 cement slurry); the heaviest casing run (1,2 Mlb); and first time a 20K BOP has been nippled up (installed) and been used to drill an ultra HP/HT well.

Even Gjesdal, CEO of Cubility said: “We are delighted that the MudCube is playing such an important role on a well that is literally making history. Since its installation back in 2014, the MudCube has played a key role for Total in improving solids separation, generating better mud quality, improving efficiencies and reducing waste.”

The Maersk Gallant is one of the ultra harsh environment jack-up drilling rigs in Maersk Drilling’s fleet and is designed for year-round operation in the North Sea. Recent operators that have used Maersk Gallant include Statoil and Total E&P Norge who embarked on a new contract in February 2016. Three MudCubes were installed on the rig in 2014 replacing four shale shakers. As of February 2016, the MudCube has reached cumulative running hours of 14,644. Non-Productive Time (NPT) registered due to the MudCubes was zero.

The MudCube is the industry’s first compact solids control system that eliminates the traditional process of shaking fluid and solids. Rather than relying on high G-forces, drilling fluids are vacuumed through a rotating filter belt using high airflow – at 20,000 litres per minute – to separate the cuttings from the fluid. The cleaned drilling fluids are then returned to the active mud system and the drilled solids – carried forward on the filter belt – are discharged either directly overboard (if they meet environmental discharge regulations) or to a cuttings handling system. The improved separation capabilities of the MudCube leads to better quality mud, fewer chemicals required to maintain its properties, more mud recycled back to the mud tanks to be reused for drilling, and ‘cleaner’ and less waste.

About Cubility AS

Cubility AS is an innovative Norwegian company that is revolutionising drilling operations and the solids control issues that accompany them. Cubility is based in Sandnes, Norway, where it houses a state-of-the-art test centre, and has sales offices in Aberdeen, Houston, London and Kuala Lumpur as well as distribution partners across all the major oil & gas producing regions.

To date, Cubility has secured contracts for the MudCube in North Sea, Middle East, Far East, South American and North American drilling sites offshore and onshore. Cubility was awarded Winner of the Rystad Energy 2014 New Venture of the Year Award for “developing their own unique technology and challenging established players.”

CubilityMudCube Solids Control Used in NCS’s Deepest Well