MudCube in Shale Technology Showcase

MudCube in Hart’s “Shale Technology Showcase”

Hart’s E&P magazine published an article that discusses Cubility MudCube technology as being one of the today’s top shale technologies. The article is featured online as well as in the July E&P Flipbook. The MudCube is described as highly efficient and advanced shale technology.

MudCube drilling efficiencies pay off.

The MudCube is among the tools needed for success in today’s shale drilling. It is built to work faster, withstand more stress, and save more money overall than existing lightweight solids control systems.

According to the E&P article, “improved separation capabilities of the system lead to higher quality drilling fluid, fewer chemicals required to maintain properties, more drilling fluid recycled back to the mud tanks and less waste.”

We provide quality solids control onshore and offshore.

Did you know that MudCubes may be specifically designed for onshore and offshore operations? Both variations of the MudCube provide the same level of improved solids control compared to existing solids control systems.

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Here is a link to the Hart’s E&P Shale Technology Showcase news article. Read the article to learn more about the advanced and efficient solids control that the Cubility MudCube has to offer.

CubilityMudCube in Hart’s “Shale Technology Showcase”