Does the MudCube replace traditional vibrating shakers?

Yes. The MudCube replaces traditional vibrating shakers. The MudCube reduces the volume of mud lost up to 80% on traditional vibrating shakers as mud on cuttings and reduces waste cost.

MudCube better MOC.

A Safer, More Efficient Primary Solids Control System

Up to 80% more mud is removed both onshore and offshore with the MudCube compared to traditional vibrating shakers. The MudCube produces ultra-dry OBM cuttings. These cuttings are drier than what traditional vibrating shakers are capable of producing, resulting in 40% less waste, and reduced waste cost.

The MudCube contains a high flow vacuum that extracts drilling fluid from cuttings through a rotating API-13C filterbelt. Cuttings integrity is maintained. The MudCube effectively reduces fluid adherence. Better yet, the API-13C filterbelt is changed in only three minutes.

Better Working Environment with the MudCube

The MudCube also produces a better working environment than traditional vibrating shakers. Its operation is quiet, and its enclosed design effectively extracts any harmful vapors, such as mud mist and more. Furthermore, all MudCube operations can be monitored remotely via live feeds on camera.

See the MudCube in Operation

CubilityDoes the MudCube replace traditional vibrating shakers?