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Mudcube Discussed in July 2016 Offshore Magazine

The Cubility Mudcube is discussed in the July 2016 issue of Offshore Magazine in an article written by our very own VP Sales International, Brandon Buzarde.

Mudcube Delivers in Fluid Quality and Reduced Waste

Mudcube in Offshore Magazine July 2016.

…Cubility has developed an alternative to solids control – one that leads to the efficient separation of drilled rock particles from fluids, a reduction in the volumes of mud lost and waste generated, and improved HSE.

Our Offshore Magazine article discusses how efficient the Mudcube lightweight solids control system really is. The Mudcube is proven to improve the quality of drilling fluids, reduce waste, and effectively help save on overall costs.

You can read the full length article online here:

CubilityMudcube Discussed in July 2016 Offshore Magazine