Do the MudCube and CubeLink work together?

Yes, the MudCube and CubeLink work together. They may also work separately. The MudCube may work with other drilling waste transport systems and the CubeLink may work with other shakers. Both products are superior of their kind in efficiency and overall effectiveness regardless of the systems they are paired with. They provide highly superior-quality solids control working together.

How does the MudCube work?

The MudCube lightweight solids control technology separates drilling fluid and drilled solids using a combination of high air flow and a vacuum. A rotating filter belt carries drilled solids forward while air pushes through the belt which separates the drilling fluid. The filtered drilling fluid is then returned to the active mud system. The drilling solids are pushed down the filter belt to be discharged to a cuttings handling system or overboard. The CubeLink works as a high-quality cuttings handling system.

How does the CubeLink work?

The CubeLink transports drill cuttings (drilling waste) using a recurring belt that works as a container and mode of transportation for the waste. The CubeLink works with solids control systems to transport drilling waste to designated safe destinations. The CubeLink can work with the MudCube or any other shale shaker, as desired, to transport drilling waste on drilling rigs while reducing waste handling and drilling fluid costs and remaining environmentally-friendly.

The MudCube and CubeLink Together are Cost-Effective

While the MudCube minimizes the tonnage of waste generated and raises drilling fluid performance, which all contribute to an overall reduction in cost, the CubeLink works to safely, cleanly, and cost-effectively transport drilling waste. Together, the CubeLink and the MudCube greatly reduce money on drilling waste. Separately, the CubeLink and the MudCube regardless save more money than traditional drilling waste transporters and shale shakers.

MudCube and CubeLink work together.

Complete Solids Control with Cubility

The Mudcube and the CubeLink alike work to improve the quality of drilling fluids while saving on overall costs. With the MudCube and CubeLink combined, Cubility provides the complete package for greater drilling efficiency.

CubilityDo the MudCube and CubeLink work together?