Mud On Cuttings (MOC)

Mud On Cuttings or Fluid Adherence is a very important parameter when the drilling waste has to be shipped either to shore or to a disposal site onshore if dumping the cutting is prohibited. If the Mud On Cuttings (vol%) can be reduced, the cost of transportation, thermic treatment and disposal can be reduced dramatically. The effective MudCube technology has proven over more than 40 wells that without compromising on the filtration efficiency, extremely low Mud On Cuttings (dry cuttings) can be obtained compared to traditionally shale shaker technology.

Solid removal efficiency

The MudCube System, with its more efficient separation of drilling fluid and drilled solids will, at equivalent filter belt / shaker screen sizes, reduce the volume of mud lost with drilled solids. For instance in those sections where NAF (non-aqueous fluids) is being used and where costs are likely to be high, these mud losses are typically at least 100% of the rock drilled when using standard shale shakers and less than 20 vol% when using the MudCube.

Reducing the volume of drilling fluid lost with cuttings will also reduce the overall tonnage of NAF cuttings produced by a corresponding amount. There are a number of benefits associated with this reduction in drilling waste tonnage in addition to the reductions in mud losses.

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