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Middle East Land Performance Report

Case Study

  • Location: Middle East
  • Rig Type: Land Rig
  • Number of MudCubes: 1


SINO 7 is equipped with three Derrick Flo–Line shakers. The MudCube was installed downstream of these shakers and all returns were diverted to it when drilling the 6⅛” hole sections on two wells with a diesel based drilling fluid.


The primary objectives for the installation of the MudCubes were:

  • To reduce the volume of mud lost to less than 70% by volume of the drilled solids
  • Reduce noise levels to below those of the existing shakers
  • Demonstrate durability of the filter belts (screens)

Middle east land oil rig


The data from the 2 wells drilled were analysed and then measured against the target objectives:

Mud Losses

  • Geoservices’ CFM system was used to record and determine mud losses and solids removal efficiency
  • Drill cuttings discharged from the MudCube were observed to be “very dry”.
  • Mud losses over the 2 wells averaged 29% by volume of the solids drilled, significantly below the 70% target objective.
  • Solids removal efficiency averaged 91% over the two wells with LGS and sand content maintained within specifications.
  • Oil on cuttings averaged 8.39% by weight.

Noise Levels

  • Sound pressure level at existing shakers was 77 dBA
  • Sound pressure level at MudCube was 74 dBA

Filter Belt Durability

  • Four filter belts used over the 2 well trial
  • Durability exceeded objective target by 54%

Middle east oil drilling dry cuttings

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