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The PureCube: Exceptional efficiency and flexibility in liquid tailings filtration.

Its innovative vacuum and vibration technology, along with its compact design and optional accessories, make it the ideal solution for the mining industry, delivering cost-effective dewatering, intelligent separation, and minimal environmental impact.

The PureCube is a cost-effective, compact, and highly efficient belt filter system designed for dewatering and managing liquid tailings filtration. It offers exceptional flexibility and performance as a standalone solution or when integrated with conventional separation or processing equipment.
With its unique vacuum and vibration technology, the PureCube provides intelligent liquid/solid separation and filtration of tailings. It excels in efficient cake washing while minimizing energy consumption, maintenance requirements, and liquor dilution.

Encased in a robust plug-and-play unit, the PureCube is built for durability, outdoor functionality, and portability. Optional accessories, such as a jet water system for solids and cake wash, along with an internal camera for remote monitoring and control, enhance its capabilities.

The proprietary CubeBelt filter belt, made of stainless steel 316L material, is cleaned effortlessly using the airknife (optionally with water), eliminating the need for manual washing procedures.
The PureCube’s innovative technology ensures efficient separation, achieving low humidity in solids without creating particulate or ultrafine material. The resulting dewatered and dry tailings can be transported directly to dry stack tailings (DST) impoundments or utilized as mine backfill.

With its exceptional capabilities and environmental benefits, the PureCube is the ideal solution for the mining industry.

PureCube at work. Separation sludge from mining industry,
Purecube in a mining solid separation process. Filtercakes are seen over the endless filterbelt.
Efficient liquid separation with the PureCube.
After a PureCube filtration you are left with dry solid.