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Our Markets

Cubility operates with a dedicated team of skilled professionals standing ready to assist our customers in all aspects of our products – from installation and training, to equipment service and maintenance. The combination of our own employees and partner companies enables us to serve a global market.

Our customer service centre facilitates the efficient supply of consumables and spare parts, either via our service agreements, or in response to ad hoc requirements. Many of our customers are global operators, and we stand ready to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted service wherever they may be.

Cubility is constantly working for the benefit of our customers. We help them to streamline their operations and reduce their carbon footprint, while at the same time working intensely to reduce our own environmental footprint. We operate according to the highest standards, in everything from our manufacturing processes to customer logistics. Cubility really walks the talk!


Cubility has been delivering value added solids control systems to the oil and gas sector since 2012 in the form of its innovative MudCube product. The rapidly growing number of drilling operations that use the MudCube for solids control bears witness to the fact that the technology offers significant improvements in both bottom line and environmental performance compared with traditional shale shaker equipment. Multiple and repeated sales during recent years speak for themselves – investment in the MudCube pays off and makes your business more environmentally friendly.

The MudCube outperforms traditional shale shakers in most aspects of the drilling fluid separation process. High air flow through the filterbelt enhances solids separation by producing dryer cuttings and enabling optimal recovery of drilling fluids. The rotating filterbelt enables the MudCube to reduce G-force exposure of the solids to one tenth of that seen in traditional shale shakers, preventing the generation of fines during separation of the solids. All this is achieved while also protecting workers from the excessive levels of noise levels and harmful gases that are typical of traditional shaker operations. The MudCube creates real value for the customer and reduces the environmental footprint.

All the benefits offered by the MudCube are valid for all types of drilling operation, including geothermal energy, injection and water wells. In some cases, the MudCube will offer the only solution to a given problem, such as requirements to adhere to noise restrictions in urban areas. The MudCube offers the only entirely enclosed separation system on the market, which means that  hazardous gases such as H2S are not released into the working environment.

Environmental services

Environmental services entail the recovery of pollutant materials from ponds, legacy pits, contaminated soil and permanent treatment sites for waste fluids and other materials. The PureCube technology is being applied in a number of projects around world, including the clean-up and removal of legacy pits in North America. Here a successful operation was completed thanks to the technology’s separation efficiency, mobility and ability to change cut point on the filterbelt. On permanent treatment sites, the same PureCube machine can perform multiple operations, acting both as a coarse pre-treatment unit and as a sludge dewatering unit.  

The vibration on the filterbelt makes the PureCube unique, enabling it to process fluid feed in ways that no other machine on the market can match.

Its compact design and high-capacity capability makes it ideal as an essential equipment component in a mobile treatment package for all applications in the construction and infrastructure sectors.

Municipal & Utility

The ever-increasing demands on our municipal wastewater treatment plants require more effective separation processes. Communities demand cleaner water and less pollution, and municipal plant operators are under pressure to deliver. Cubility’s technologies have a major role to play. The PureCube can be used both as component in primary treatment processes and in the treatment of sludge, offering enhanced separation processes both in existing plants and as replacement units. The cut point on the filterbelt can be selected for a wide range of applications. The technology’s unique vacuum system efficiently removes potentially hazardous gases and environmental odours, without the need for expensive ventilation systems.

For challenging feed situations, the PureCube’s microvibration function offers significant improvements in the separation process and provides leading DS performance when it comes to dewatering sludge.

Aquaculture and fishfarming

The PureCube has multiple applications in the aquaculture industry. In the fish farming sector, it is fully capable of handling the challenging operation of filtering and processing high volumes of feed. Its unique patented vibration system is ideal for handling  dewatering issues. A process that currently involves several steps today, can now be replaced by a single unit operation that delivers exceptionally dry material and clean water on return. The technology also offers odour control, because air suction is an integral part of the separation process. It offers filterbelt washing and drying, which adds to its versatility in processing a wide range of feed streams.


The construction and infrastructure sectors involve wide range of water and sludge treatment processes, from water decontamination on construction sites to tunnelling applications. More often than not these operations are carried out onsite using mobile equipment. The PureCube is an ideal unit for such applications, utilising its compact design and high processing capacity. It is easy to operate both as a stand-alone unit or as a component in a multi-step water purification process. We guarantee that operators will obtain added value from its performance and, more importantly, they will be able effectively to control and operate their construction operations in an environmentally friendly way.   


Cubility understands the importance of maintaining process-critical equipment operating 24/7 and the economic and environmental benefits of minimising off-site waste disposal. Our PureCube technology will improve both your plant’s water treatment and, equally importantly, waste disposal processes. Its multipurpose functionality offers opportunities for a wide range of process industry applications within sectors such as mining extraction, sugar production and petrochemicals. There is no end to the possibilities offered by PureCube.  

PureCube’s separation process are Ex-certified, fully enclosed and evacuated, providing full access to operators. Properties challenging for other equipment on the market to match

PureCube’s control system is based on a modular edge computing platform that offers limitless processing capabilities that comprehensively meet current demands for industry digitalisation. It is supplied with the same revolutionary interior camera as in the MudCube, offering the operator unique monitoring and control of the filtration process.