Shell Malaysia case study

Malaysia Offshore Performance Report

Case Study

  • Location: Offshore Malaysia
  • Contractor: Sapura Kenkana Drilling
  • Rig Name: SKD Alliance
  • Rig Type: Semi – Tender
  • Number of MudCubes: 2


Installed 2 MudCubes in parallel with 2 existing shale shakers, to run a trial over a 3 well drilling program on F-14 offshore in Malaysia.


The primary objectives for the installation of the MudCubes were:

  • Confirm that the MudCubes could achieve less than 6.9% OOC Wet Weight.
  • Confirm better working environment by reducing noise level, vibration, vapour and fumes.


Data from the 3 wells drilled were analysed and then measured against the target objectives:

OOC less than 6.9% wet weight. Target met for 5 of 7 sections drilled with SBM. Average for the 2 last wells drilled were below the 6.9% OOC Wet Weight target set.

Malaysia OOC goal

Working Environment

  • Difficult to measure noise level as shaker deck was open and exposed to outside noise, but rig crew confirmed a significant improvement.
  • Rig crew also observed and commented on the reduction in vapors and fumes around the MudCubes.
  • Most common comment from the rig crew was that the MudCubes are so easy to operate and change filter belts; we do not want to go back to the old shakers.

Achieved Goals for the Trial

Achieve less than 6.9% OOC wet weight.

Improve noise level on the shaker deck.

Improve general working environment on the shaker deck by reducing mist and hydrocarbon gasses in the air.

Reduce vibration on the shaker deck.

Improve mud cleaning by better filtering in order to improve fluids properties, reduce dilution and possibly reduce the use of other Solids Control Equipment.

Achieve Less Than 6.9% OOC Wet Weight

Initial goal achieved – last sections gave consistent results below 6.9%.


CubilityMalaysia Offshore Performance Report