Maersk Giant - MudCube in operation

Maersk Giant – MudCube Performance Report

Three MudCubes were installed in 2012 replacing four MI Swaco BEM650 shale shakers.

Case Study

  • Location: North Sea / Norway
  • Contractor: Maersk
  • Rig Name: Maersk Giant
  • Rig Type: Jackup
  • Operators: Talisman / DONG / Det Norske
  • Number of MudCubes: 3


The Maersk Giant had been equipped with four BEM 650 shakers. In the 3rd quarter of 2012 the decision was made to replace these shakers with three MudCubes.


The primary objectives for the installation of the MudCubes were:

  • To improve the working environment for rig personnel
  • Reduce the volume of mud lost with cuttings
  • Minimize the tonnage of drilling waste shipped to shore


Data from the first 5 wells drilled were analysed and then measured against the target

Working Environment
  • Noise levels in the upper shaker room were reduced to 74 dBA.
  • Oil mist and vapour averages were measured at 0.087mg/m3 and 13.65 mg/m3 respectively and well below the upper limits set by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority of 0.60mg/m3 and 30.00mg/m3.
Mud Lost with Cuttings (OBM)
  • Mud losses were reduced to 27% by volume of the rock drilled. Mud losses, when using standard vibrating type shakers, are typically 100% or more.
  • Based on this 100% mud loss the total volume lost over the 5 wells would have been 1233 m3 (7756 bbls) but was reduced to 339 m3 using the MudCubes, a reduction of 894 m3 or 73%.
Drilling Waste Reduction
  • Reducing the volume of drilling mud lost with cuttings reduces the tonnage of drilling waste generated.
  • The 894 m3 reduction in mud losses reduced the total volume of waste generated from 2466 m3 to 1572 m3, a reduction of 36%.

Running-hours per MudCube as of February 16, 2016

  • MudCube #1: 6250  hours
  • MudCube #2: 6600 hours
  • MudCube #3: 6200 hours
  • Total running-hours all three MudCubes on Maersk Giant: 19050 hours

Non-Productive Time (NPT) registered due to MudCubes on Maersk Giant: 0 hours

Statement from Rig Manager Maersk Giant, Maersk Drilling:

I hereby confirm that we have not experienced any downtime in relation to MudCubes on Maersk Giant.

Rig Manager Maersk Giant, February 20, 2016

Installation on Maersk Giant

Maersk Giant before and after


  • 4 shale shakers original design
  • Ventilation issues


  • 3 MudCubes replacing original design
  • No ventilation issues
CubilityMaersk Giant – MudCube Performance Report