Maersk Installation

Maersk Gallant – Maersk Gallant Performance Report

Maersk Gallant – Maersk Drilling

Three MudCubes installed in 2014 replacing four VSM300 shale shakers.

  • Rig contractor: Maersk Drilling
  • Operators: Statoil/ ConocoPhillips/ Total Norge E&P
  • Rig type: Jack-up (Marine Structure Consultants CJ62-S120)
  • Delivered: March 1993
  • Location: Norwegian Continental Shelf

Running-hours per MudCube as of February 16, 2016

  • MudCube #1: 4411 hours
  • MudCube #2: 5621 hours
  • MudCube #3: 4612 hours
  • Total running-hours all three MudCubes on Maersk Gallant: 14644 hours

Non-Productive Time (NPT) registered due to MudCubes on Maersk Gallant: 0 hours

Cubility Maersk Vacuum Pumps

Statement from Rig Manager Maersk Gallant, Maersk Drilling

Our experience with MudCubes is that we did not have any rig down time or NPT caused by MudCubes. There have been periods where we have done overhaul or upgrade on MudCubes as you find in Cubility servicemen visit reports, but, apart from that, the Mudcubes did not cause revenue loss on Maersk Gallant.

Rig Manager Maersk Gallant, February 22, 2016

Cubility Maersk Gallant

CubilityMaersk Gallant – Maersk Gallant Performance Report