Lightweight Solids Control

lightweight solids controlA single pebble, if it is light enough, can get through a separator filter and clog up a drill. Up until now, petroleum extraction had to grin and bear the delays and setbacks that occur when a separation system cannot eliminate the smallest of lightweight solids from the mud. With the MudCube’s precision separation, however, lightweight solids need never bring a halt to an operation.

Separate Places

The American Petroleum Institute’s recommended practice for solids removal suggests that it is typical for concentration of small solids (most notably barite) to be present in drilling fluid during separation. Indeed, some separator filters cannot do much better than an efficiency that is just over 50% separation of lightweight solids. The MudCube pulls its weight and then some because of its 90% separation removal efficiency rating, which is by far and away the best on the market today. Unlike shake separators that build up low-gravity solids over time, the MudCube is fantastically good at lightweight solids control. It can manage lightweight solid particles due to an flow of 20,000 liters of air per minute that creates a vacuum and separates out even the smallest particles from drilling fluid and mud.

There and Back

Since the MudCube uses a vacuum rather than g-forces to disentangle solid from liquid, it cuts down drastically on the breakage of cutting particulate matter. This creates fewer lightweight solids in the first place, minimizing the problem before it even exists. It’s one thing to separate out minute particles from a fluid, but the MudCube takes it a step further by returning the fluid to the active mud system. This recycling platform makes it easy and affordable to filter out solid matter from drilling fluid without replacing the fluid itself. A secondary filtration system, furthermore, ensures that anything which the vacuum suction did not catch will be snared and removed before the fluid is returned to the drilling unit to start the process all over again.

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