HSEQ Policy

Our mission

Optimized solids control with proven cost-effective solutions is motivated by our vision: We do it the Cubility Way. Cubility shall be known for high quality, excellent service / support and added value. Our actions shall be based on the core values:

CREATIVE – We have courage and are open minded in our quest to find improved solutions. We apply fresh thinking and meet our customers’ expectations with innovative products and superior quality. We are agents of positive change and strive to continually improve. We apply our joint skills, commitment and experience to bring new solutions to the market.

RELIABLE – We are a trustworthy partner and you can rely on us to deliver to the highest ethical, societal and governance standards. We aim to achieve results for our stakeholders and celebrate when we do. We are responsible for making the best use of our organization`s experience, competence and know-how. We believe it`s through helping our clients achieve their goals that we reach our own.

EFFICIENT – We encourage innovation, collaboration and seek efficient in our work. We solve challenges by doing more with less. We foster an agile organization, able to deliver products and services to customers efficiently. We strive for the best possible results for our stakeholders and for ourselves.

DETERMINED – We believe in what we do. We support each other and know it takes stamina and team effort to become the best. We hold each other accountable for our performance and use our skills to deliver quality products and services. We strive to make a difference to our customers by the products we deliver and the service we provide.

ZERO HARM to personnel, the environment and assets is the overall company objective. Our activity is based on high standards of environmental responsibility including protection of the ENVIRONMENT, sustainable resource use and climate change mitigation. No activity is more important than HSE and the well-being of Cubility’s employees and representatives. It is the duty and the right of everyone employed and engaged by Cubility to STOP WORK whenever any employee, members of the public, or the local environment are at risk.

Cubility shall proactively identify and mitigate RISK, ensure an outstanding working environment with room for DIVERSITY, and manage our business well within the frames of international guidelines for CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Cubility will by applying our policy, values, communication and knowledge provide VALUE to our STAKEHOLDERS [Government, Society, Customers, Employees & Owners].

Cubility is committed to COMPLY with internal and external requirements, perform management of change and to continually improve the effectiveness of the Cubility Management System (CMS).

CubilityHSEQ Policy