How does the MudCube work?

The MudCube lightweight solids control technology separates drilling fluid and drilled solids using a combination of high air flow and a vacuum. A rotating filter belt carries drilled solids forward while air pushes through the belt at 20,000 litres per minute which effectively separates the drilling fluid. The filtered drilling fluid is then returned to the active mud system.

How does the MudCube work?

Complete Solids Control and Filtration

The MudCube has one air-knife installed on the inside of the vertical part of the filter belt to remove any cuttings that may have adhered to the belt. The MudCube also equipped with water-knives that are designed to clean the filter belt and improve filtration when drilling with water-based mud through the stickies clay type formations. The MudCube has pneumatic micro-vibrators installed underneath the filter belt. The vibrators create a resonance in the filter belt to improve conductance and avoid near-size particles blocking the holes of the filter belt.

Quality Drilling Fluids and Cuttings Handling

The drilling solids are pushed down the filter belt to be discharged to a cuttings handling system or overboard.

CubilityHow does the MudCube work?