How does the MudCube reduce cost?

The MudCube works to reduce drilling waste, which in turn directly reduces waste management costs. It also provides more efficient and effective solids control overall than do other popular solids control technologies.

The MudCube is Cost-Effective

Mudcube reduces construction costs

The MudCube works to heavily reduce oil drilling cost, and with immediacy.

The MudCube reduces overall drilling costs and stress from drilling solids on other equipment. It also happens to be lighter weight than many mud cooling systems, leading to lower drilling construction costs.

The MudCube vs Traditional Shale Shakers

With the MudCube solids control, all mud is processed within an enclosed vacuum-based system which provides better quality drilling fluid and increases worker productivity time. Cuttings with the MudCube are also drier than what traditional vibrating shakers are capable of producing, resulting in 40% less waste. Traditional shale shakers provide greater limitations, including higher maintenance costs and HSE risks, lost mud, and an increase in solids over extended use.

CubilityHow does the MudCube reduce cost?