How does the CubeLink work?

The CubeLink lightweight solids control technology is a cuttings handling system. This system transports drill cuttings (drilling waste) using a recurring belt that works as a container and mode of transportation for the waste. The CubeLink works with solids control systems such as the MudCube or other shakers to transport drilling waste to designated safe destinations. The CubeLink system has a drop-belt configuration that cleanly and securely receives drilling waste.

How does the CubeLink work?

Secure Drilling Waste Reception

The CubeLink’s drop-belt configuration works as a highly secure pouch that strongly seals in all received drilling waste as well as odor and gases. When drilling waste is produced, the system opens and the waste is received via gravity onto the CubeLink’s belt. The belt then closes and seals itself before transporting the waste. The CubeLink exceptionally handles both wet and dry drilling waste.

Clean and Efficient Drilling Waste Conveyance

Drilling waste is securely contained and cleanly sent to a designated safe destination. The belt opens up and deposits waste into a receptacle where designated. The CubeLink exceptionally handles all drilling waste both vertically and horizontally.

Real-Time Drilling Waste Information Provided

Real-time information of drilling waste is provided during transportation, including volume and weight, as well as the degree of moisture in the drill cuttings. Mud can be extracted separately from cuttings where needed.

CubilityHow does the CubeLink work?