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Working Environment

The MudCube system provide a healthy and safe working environment for rig personnel by reducing noise levels, eliminating vibration, eliminating drilling fluid spills and minimizing exposure to oil-vapors and oil-mist.

The MudCube is an enclosed system and therefore any exposure for the rig personnel to noise, oil and mist vapors as well as any spills that may occur around the solids control system is either eliminated or much reduced when compared with the risks typically associated with working around standard vibrating type shale shakers.

The MudCube system is the only solids control system which today meets the given regulations with regards to the working environment on the NCS.

Health Safety Environment Risks

Oil Mist / Oil Vapor

Vapor and oil mist are eliminated in the shaker room (renamed “Cube-lounge”) due to the enclosed system and airflow through the MudCube.

oil mist measurements oil vapor measurements

Tester: Intertek
Date: 5-6th Jan 13
Flowrate: 3 500 ltr/min
Mud: Versatec OBM
Flow-line temp: 60 deg. C
Locations: 14 samples from the shaker room

Noise / Vibration

The noise from the MudCube system is significantly lower than from the previous system. The structural vibration is eliminated. Noise level tested to maximum 74 dBA in the upper shaker house by Lloyd’s Register ODS. There’s no restriction on maximum working time or required hearing protection.

Interview with Roughneck at Maersk Giant

“I went to get a coffee and brought it back to the MudCube lounge because this is the nicest place to be.”

working environment  working environment  working environment

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