Cubility in Hart’s E&P.

Cubility in Hart’s E&P “Last Word”

Yesterday, Hart’s E&P magazine published an article by Even Gjesdal, the Chief Executive Officer of Cubility. The article was featured in the in the Last Word section. Throughout the article, Gjesdal expresses the value of the cutting-edge technology produced by Cubility for today’s oil and gas industry.

Innovative technology is needed for oil & gas.

Embracing new solids control and fluids management technology is a highly effective way to reduce oil drilling cost. The article expressed that Cubility helps reduce costs with use of cutting-edge and high-quality products.

Gjesdal shared, “alternative and radically different technologies that improve separation enhance the quality of the drilling mud to deliver superior drilling, and reducing waste costs can strike a real chord with operators looking to secure that extra competitive edge… In the case of onshore drilling pads, for example, which are increasing in their flexibility and turnaround times, implementing new solids control technologies can have an impact on cost budgets almost immediately.”

Embrace newer solids control technologies.

Cubility’s solids control products are a new alternative to traditional shale shakers that are no longer. Traditional shale shakers are no longer the most efficient solids control solutions.

Improving the bottom line means embracing “new and disruptive technologies,” expressed Gjesdal.

Read more about our innovative solids control.

Here is a link to this month’s Hart’s E&P news article. Read the article to learn more about the innovative solids control that Cubility has to offer.

CubilityCubility in Hart’s E&P “Last Word”