Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we encounter at Cubility. Learn more here about what our brand of lightweight solids control can do for you.
Cubility frequently asked questions.

Q. What is the MudCube?

A. The MudCube is a technology developed to replace traditional shakers.
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Q. Why should I buy a MudCube?

A. MudCube technology reduces overall drilling cost.
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Q. What does the MudCube replace?

A. The MudCube replaces a complex shaking system with a new and innovative approach to liquid separation.
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Q. Does the MudCube replace traditional vibrating shakers?

A. Yes. The MudCube replaces traditional vibrating shakers. The MudCube is a safer and more efficient primary solids control system.
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Q. How does the MudCube work?

A. The MudCube lightweight solids control technology separates drilling fluid and drilled solids using a combination of high air flow and a vacuum.
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Q. How does the MudCube reduce cost?

A. The MudCube works to reduce drilling fluids, which in turn reduces waste management costs.

Q. Does the MudCube work onshore and offshore?

A. Yes. The MudCube works onshore as well as offshore.
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Q. Does the MudCube handle all types of drilling fluids?

A. Yes. The MudCube handles all types of drilling fluids and completion fluids.
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Q. What is a MudCooler?

A. A MudCooler cools mud 11 – 15 °C, which is cooler than many of today’s mud coolers. It is a mud cooling kit that is an add-on to the MudCube.
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Q. Does Cubility meet domestic & international waste transportation standards?

A. Cubility products meet domestic and international regulations and standards.
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