Filterbelt & Spare Parts

MudCube filter belt cutaway diagram.

Filterbelt Consumption

The MudCube technology uses a rotating filterbelt instead of a static shaker screen used on conventional shale shakers. The lifetime of a filterbelt is in normal use more than 150 hours.

MudCube consumables

A study completed by a third party concluded the following :

  • Shale shaker : $186 USD/m3 formation drilled
  • MudCube : $40 USD/m3 formation drilled

A typical volume formation drilled can be 250 m3.

This will typical give the following savings/well using MudCubes: $36 500 USD.

Cost formation drilled

“I hereby confirm that in almost 2 years of operation MudCubes have not caused any down time to Maersk Resolve, nor NPT for the Client. Rig crew has in short time became fully competent and trained for operation and maintenance of MudCubes, hence change out of parts or consumables is a routine task.

Spare parts and consumables required were always available of the shelf with extremely fast delivery, and the online support from Cubility Technical team was first class, allowing us to maintain close dialogue and deliver additional value to the Client.”

Rig Manager Maersk Resolve, February 19th 2016

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