Cubility in Hart’s E&P Offshore news.

Cubility in Hart’s E&P Offshore Technology News

The MudCube and the CubeLink were featured in Hart’s E&P Offshore online news this month, among the many times being featured before!

The MudCube and the CubeLink maximize efficiency.

Throughout this month’s feature, both the MudCube and CubeLink are displayed as highly efficient lightweight solids control products.

E&P describes the MudCube as “the more efficient separation of drilled rock particles from the fluids, better quality drilling fluid and improved drilling efficiencies and a reduction in the volumes of drilling fluid lost and waste generated.”

The CubeLink is Cubility’s newest product and is several years newer than the MudCube, though it is already proven to provide consistently efficient work.

E&P describes the CubeLink as “a wrap-around conveyor-type system that can efficiently move all types of drilling waste with both high liquid content and dry consistency over long distances.”

Valuable and Profitable Lightweight Solids Control

“Offshore operators need to manage costs and deliver value and profits faster than ever before. Improving drilling efficiencies and effective solids control is a good way to start,” says E&P.

The MudCube and the CubeLink provide remarkably improved solids control. The two systems are expertly designed to provide high quality and efficient lightweight solids control whether working together or separately.

Read More About Cubility Solids Control

Here is a link to this month’s Hart’s E&P Offshore news article. Read the article to learn more about the innovative lightweight solids control that Cubility has to offer.

CubilityCubility in Hart’s E&P Offshore Technology News