ECD / Filtration Efficiency

MudCube filter belt cutaway diagram.

The MudCube will improve drilling efficiency by optimizing drilling fluid performance. It will improve the separation of solids and liquids (+90% solids removal efficiency) and provide a corresponding reduction in the build-up of low gravity solids, which in turn will increase ROPs, reduce wear on surface and downhole tools. A build up in the low gravity fine solids (>74 µm) content in any mud system will reduce its overall performance, producing thick filter cakes, a greater risk of differential pressure sticking, an increased wear on bits, pumps and other mechanical equipment, a reduction in penetration rates and a less effective series of logs.

The MudCube System uses vacuum rather than g-force to separate mud and solids. This less aggressive process will significantly reduce the breakdown of the cuttings particles and therefore, at equivalent filter belt / screen configurations, will remove a greater percentage of drill solids. This high level of solids removal efficiency, in combination with the secondary filtration system designed to remove the risk of large and fine solids entering the mud system should there be a screen failure, will improve fluid performance without the need for the high rates of dilution that are often required to maintain solids content levels within acceptable parameters.

Controlling the solids content of the drilling fluid as described will reduce both drilling fluid costs as well as overall drilling costs.

CubilityECD / Filtration Efficiency