Drilling Fluids Loss

Drilling boreholes hundreds or even thousands of feet into the earth requires a great deal of complex moving parts. In order to maintain drilling operations, these parts need power, pressure, lubrication, and support.

The MudCube helps petroleum drilling operations to improve their drilling fluid retention rate by minimizing the need for new fluids. A MudCube can replace an older and obsolete shale-spinning mechanism in order to provide the support for deep drilling without significant expense for fluids.

The MudCube: Above the Status Quo


MudCube Efficiency

A standard shale shaker will apply heavy force in order to separate the solids of a drilling operation from the fluids. Any number of factors can contribute to a shale shaker’s failure or breakdown: too much tension, high mud weight, improper cleaning and maintenance, or even the use of pressure wash guns to clean off the filters.

In comparison, the MudCube uses a vacuum system rather than a centrifugal system in order to suck particulate matter from mud and keep the drilling going strong. Since the MudCube allows clean fluid to be returned to the drill, it not only minimizes the loss of mud fluids due to errors and failure rates but also minimizes the need for new fluid. The MudCube’s efficiency in comparison to shale shakers is advanced enough to minimize fluid loss on even the most intensive digs.

Proof Positive

The power of the MudCube has been demonstrated in the field time and time again. No less than forty different drill sites around the world today rely on the MudCube for their solid separation, with further tests underway by major producers like Chevron, Petrobras, and Shell. Its record of drilling in the North Sea’s offshore operations prove that it is highly capable of meeting demand in even the toughest field conditions. Since the MudCube is not subject to the massive g-forces of high-tension shale shakers, it produces far greater separation efficiency while minimizing drilling fluids loss. The end result is less cost, less failure, and less concern about mud retention.

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