Weight & Footprint

MudCube Deck Load

The MudCube has a similar footprint but a considerably lower deck load when compared to standard type shale shakers in use today. This is important when evaluating the installation issues relating to the replacement of these traditional types of solids control systems with MudCubes. However while the footprint is similar the weight/deck load is often close to half that of the vibrating shakers.

MudCube lighter deck load.

Potential Reduced Weight

A MudCube system can eliminate a range of equipment thus reducing weight and space, due to the following:

  • Removing adjacent mud equipment and reducing HVAC systems will free-up space at the rig
  • Replacing adjacent mud equipment such as desander, desilter, centrifuge pumps, and piping
  • Much lower weight than traditional shale shakers
  • Less heavy screens and screen washer
  • Lighter noise curtains
  • Less structural support steel

A MudCube gives an estimated weight savings of approximately 25 tons on upgrades of existing facilities and considerably more on newbuilds.


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