Cubility solids control.

Cubility Meets Solids Control Needs in US and Canada

Cubility recently announced an exclusive distribution partnership with Houston-based Stage 3 Separation and Calgary-based New Tech Solids Inc. With this partnership, the MudCube being sold and supported throughout North America, meeting onshore and offshore solids control needs of the US and Canada.

MudCube and CubeLink work together.

The Cubility MudCube is highly cost-effective.

In the article, Even Gjesdal, CEO of Cubility, stated, “As North American onshore plays continue to ramp up operations, the MudCube will perform a vital role in keeping costs down through drilling and mud efficiencies, and the cost effective disposal of waste. In the case of onshore drilling pads, implementing our technology can have an impact on cost budgets almost immediately.”

Worldwide Drilling Benefits

The MudCube not only benefits North American drilling but drilling worldwide. Currently, Far East, Middle East, North Sea, and South American drilling sites also benefit from the Mudcube’s highly efficient solids control.

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You can read more here about the MudCube:

CubilityCubility Meets Solids Control Needs in US and Canada