Does Cubility meet domestic & international standards?

Yes. Cubility products meet domestic and international regulations and standards.

Cubility AS is an innovative Norwegian company that is revolutionizing drilling operations and the waste and solids control issues that accompany them.

Cubility is NS – EN ISO 9001 Certified

Cubility meets and exceeds the requirements in ISO 9001. Customer expectations are consistently satisfied, and regulatory requirements are met, worldwide.

Cubility is NS - EN ISO 9001 Certified.

Health & Safety with Cubility

Cubility’s MudCube is highly efficient and effective, all while working to raise health and safety standards as well as minimize overall environmental impact. Cubility works to reduce mud loss and corresponding drilling waste tonnage.

The Only Solids Control System Meeting NCS Standards

Cubility meets NCS (Norwegian Continental Shelf) working environment standards, with the MudCube being he only solids control systems to do so. Risks typically associated with standard vibrating shale shakers and related equipment are reduced or eliminated. Cubility working environments have low noise levels, eliminated vibration, eliminated drilling fluid spills, and minimized exposure to oil vapors as well as mist.

Cubility - MarinaDoes Cubility meet domestic & international standards?