Cubility Visited the Catoosa Testing Facility

A few of our team members at Cubility visited the Catoosa Testing Facility with some of our customers. Here is a summary of our trip with some pictures of our finds, as described by Jose Limia, the North America Regional Manager.


The Catoosa Geophysical and Drilling Technology Testing and Evaluation Facility

The Catoosa Geophysical and Drilling Technology Testing and Evaluation Facility (formerly the Amoco Catoosa Site and GTI Catoosa) is commercially available for customer-directed R&D related to drilling, formation evaluation, geophysical, completion and any other oilfield or environmental research.

CTFOK Acquired MudCubes Replacing King Cobra Shale Shakers

The Catoosa Testing Facility (CTFOK) recently acquired two MudCubes to substitute the existing King Cobra shale shakers. As it is the case for many operators in US Land, the disposal of the drilling fluids and cuttings generated during the operation represent a big percentage of the overall cost of the drilling operation.

Optimal Solids Control Equipment (SCE)

In most cases, particularly when the drilling operation requires the use of invert emulsion muds, the cuttings have to be collected in boxes and transported to a different location (sometimes hundreds of miles away) for treatment and disposal. Having optimal Solids Control Equipment (SCE), would minimize the volumes of waste generated and would maximize the volume of expensive drilling fluid.

The CTFOK expectations on the MudCube have been materialized. According to Dale Arnold (site manager), the waste production requiring transport outside the location, has been reduced between 30% and 40% since the introduction of the MudCubes. This reduction has substantial economical implications. The CTFOK is the perfect “window shop” for the MudCubes. Interested customers can arrange tour visits to the location to see the MudCubes working under real drilling conditions.

Cubility with Catoosa Geophysical and Drilling Technology Testing and Evaluation Facility.

Cubility Customers Visiting CTFOK Gave Positive Feedback

Cubility organized a visit to the CTFOK with a group of customers. Several companies were represented:

  • Rome Drilling
  • Petromar
  • Bravo Natural Resources
  • Cactus Drilling
  • AES Drilling Fluids

The customers could observe the MudCubes handling a circulating flow of up to 600 gpm with penetration rates of 80 –90 ft/hour, in a 8 1/2” hole section. The MudCubes were dressed with API 140 and API 170 filter belts. The cuttings, as can be seen in the pictures, were dried, and could be transported out of locations without requiring further processing from additional SCE. The feedback received from the customers was extremely positive.

Dried cuttings from MudCube at CTFOK.  2nd Dried cuttings from MudCube at CTFOK.

CubilityCubility Visited the Catoosa Testing Facility