CubeLink in the JPT

The Journal of Petroleum Technology Discusses the CubeLink

CubeLink in the JPTCubility’s latest product, the CubeLink, was featured in this month’s Journal of Petroleum Technology, which is otherwise known as the JPT. The JPT is the main publication of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, who are otherwise known as the SPE. All SPE members periodically receive issues of the JPT. We are excited and proud of this new CubeLink coverage.

Top Drilling-Waste-Transportation Technology

The JPT says that the “CubeLink from Cubility safely and cost-effectively transports drilling waste” and then goes on to discuss in detail how the CubeLink works while mentioning its beneficial features.

Cubility Solids Control

Cubility’s lightweight solids control products include the CubeLink and the MudCube. Both products can work together for superior solids control.

The MudCube works to separate mud from solids in drilling fluid. It’s proven to have higher levels of solids removal efficiency, which in turn reduces the volume of drilling fluid lost, minimizes the tonnage of waste generated, and raises drilling fluid performance, which all contribute to an overall reduction in cost. The CubeLink works to safely, cleanly, and cost-effectively transport drilling waste. The CubeLink can work with the MudCube or any other shale shaker, as desired, to transport drilling waste on drilling rigs while reducing waste handling and drilling fluid costs and remaining environmentally-friendly.

You can read more about the CubeLink via the following link:

CubilityThe Journal of Petroleum Technology Discusses the CubeLink