Cubility formalizes its Strategic Partnership with iHydroChile Spa to Advance Sustainability in the Chilean Mining Sector

Cubility introduces the PureCube® to the mining industry, a solution designed to revolutionize resource recovery and waste management.

Cubility, leader in innovative separation technologies, is pleased to announce that after 2 years of continuous collaboration and market analysis, we have formalized a strategic partnership with iHydroChile Spa. This collaboration positions iHydroChile Spa as the official distributor of Cubility’s cutting-edge solutions in the Chilean mining sector, marking a significant step towards sustainable mining practices.

Norwegian-based Cubility has distinguished itself in the oil and gas industry by offering advanced equipment for efficient solids separation. Expanding its reach, Cubility introduces the PureCube® to the mining industry, a solution designed to revolutionize resource recovery and waste management.

iHydroChile Spa, with its six-year track record in the mining sector, aligns perfectly with Cubility’s mission. Together, they aim to implement transformative and sustainable technologies, emphasizing water recovery and environmental preservation.

The PureCube® system embodies innovation with its unique separation process, promising significant efficiency gains in water recovery and waste reduction. This partnership is poised to deliver unparalleled quality and service, reinforcing both companies’ commitment to sustainability in the Chilean mining industry.

“We are confident that our reinforced partnership with Cubility will provide our customers with outstanding quality and service, thereby improving water recovery, facilitating dry stackings, and offering other advantages derived from their mining tailings,” stated Felipe Venegas, General Manager of iHydroChile Spa.

For more information about iHydroChile Spa and the transformative PureCube technology, please visit iHydroChile at and Cubility at

Media Contact:

iHydroChile Spa: Milenko Goic´ Bordoli, Commerial Manager, +56 9 8419 7405

Cubility: Henrik J Steffens, Business Development Engineer, +47 48 29 00 92

MudCube users experience improved Liquid Recovery in Solids Control

Comparison MudCube with traditional shaker, showing that the MudCube is much more efficient.

Our customers around the world are happily discussing the advantages of using the MudCube as an attractive and smart alternative to traditional shale shakers for solids control in drilling operations. The MudCube-experience is based on the foundation of a more efficient option that offers better performance in terms of fluid loss on drilled cuttings, reduced waste volume, and improved environmental impact.

The traditional method of solids control involves shale shakers, mud cleaners, and decanter centrifuges gives way for the MudCube as a more efficient alternative.

The MudCube was initially seen as costly equipment, but the introduction of the second-generation MudCube in 2018 made its cost comparable to modern shale shakers while offering even better efficiency.

New customers such as Polyar SA, a leader in solids control equipment in Argentina, conducted a field trial with the MudCube. They deployed MudCubes on several wells to compare their performance with traditional shale shakers.

The trial compared the MudCube’s performance against traditional shale shakers in terms of fluid loss on drilled cuttings. The MudCube consistently showed significant improvements, reducing lost mud on cuttings by approximately 64% compared to primary shakers and around 48% compared to drying shakers.

The benefits of using MudCubes include reduced drilling fluid and additive consumption, decreased waste volume, and lower transportation of waste and drilling fluid. These savings lead to considerable cost reductions and environmental improvements.

The MudCube employs a rotating filterbelt with low-G micro-vibrations and vacuum/air-flow to separate drilling fluids from cuttings. This gentle separation process maintains the integrity and size of the cuttings, resulting in lower fluid losses compared to traditional shale shakers that use high-G vibrations.

The improved filtration process of the MudCube also contributes to a reduced environmental footprint of drilling operations. The results observed in Argentina are consistent with other MudCube operations globally, indicating the broader applicability of the technology.

Overall, the passage emphasizes that the MudCube offers significant advantages in terms of solids control, efficiency, cost savings, and environmental impact compared to traditional shale shakers.

We are committed! Our sustainability report for 2022 is here!

Cubility is committed to responsible business practices and to conducting business to the highest ethical standards

This report applies the Brundtland Commission’s definition of sustainable development – that we need to leave the Earth the same or better condition for future generations. Sustainability is a broad concept that covers a range of economic, social and environmental issues. In line with the NSRS process, we focus on climate-related topics first. This allows us to kick-start our sustainability journey and to raise our ambitions with time, eventually covering all dimensions of sustainability.

read Cubilitys hole sustainability report for 2022. pdf below👇

ESG_Cubility Sustainability Report 2022

Triton to form new group with Techouse and Cubility

Cubility and Techouse join forces to form a powerful new group

Oslo (Norway), 7 July 2023 Triton, through a vehicle controlled by Triton Fund IV, has signed an agreement with Bluewater Private Equity to acquire Techouse AS (“Techouse”) with the intention of bringing it under a group holding structure together with Cubility AS (“Cubility”). Cubility is an innovator of solid control systems and a current Triton IV portfolio company. Terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

Founded in 2002, Techouse is a renowned industry leader in providing energy recovery and water treatment solutions to the offshore oil and gas sector. The company’s expertise lies in delivering innovative water treatment and energy recovery technologies through engineered systems, designed to optimize energy efficiency, reduce costs, and lower emissions. Techouse employs approximately 160 people, is headquartered in Sandnes, Norway, and maintains additional offices in Vanvikan, Tønsberg, Glasgow, Paris, Qingdao and Oslo.

“We are excited to create a larger group that will help us compete in global markets more effectively and we see significant synergies in strengthened engineering capabilities and market reach with significant services expansion potential and cross-utilization of resources. Furthermore, we intend to continue expansion and will pursue both M&A and organic growth opportunities together”, says Kai Sæveland, CEO Cubility.  

“We are very excited about this new partnership. Both Cubility and Techouse share a commitment to provide innovative solutions that help clients improve both their efficiency and environmental footprint, by spearheading technology and engineering excellence. By joining forces, and with the support of a committed owner, we will leverage an innovation legacy and pioneering mindset to grow our businesses together”, says Svein Helge Pettersen, CEO Techouse.

About Cubility

Established in 2005, Cubility specializes in filtration, solids control, and waste treatment solutions for various applications in the oil and gas industry. Cubility has been commercially delivering the MudCube since 2012 and has additionally launched the PureCube, catering to markets beyond oil and gas.

With the mission to deliver innovative technologies that exceed expectations for efficiency while addressing environmental impact of industrial activities, Cubility has continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation and has achieved significant milestones in the industry. Headquartered in Sandnes, Norway, Cubility has expanded its reach, with sales offices in the United States and Chile and a strong network of distribution partners across the globe.

About Techouse

Founded in 2002, Techouse is a renowned industry leader in providing energy recovery and water treatment solutions to the offshore oil and gas sector. The company’s expertise lies in delivering innovative water treatment and energy recovery technologies through engineered systems, designed to optimize energy efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize emissions.  

About Triton
Founded in 1997 and owned by its partners, Triton is a leading European mid-market sector-specialist investor. Triton focuses on businesses that provide important goods and services in the Business Services, Industrial Tech, Healthcare, and Consumer sectors.

Triton has over 200 investment professionals across 11 offices and invests through three complementary “All Weather” strategies: Mid-Market Private Equity, Smaller Mid-Cap Private Equity, and Opportunistic Credit.

For more information:

Press contacts

Cubility: Kai Preben Sævesland – +47 913 12 160
Techouse: Svein Helge Pettersen – +47 952 37 990
Triton: Fredrik Hazèn – +46 70 948 3810

Press release: Triton to form new group with Techouse and Cubility

Cubility reopens office in Houston, Texas

Team Cubility US LLC

Cubility US LLC, a subsidiary of Cubility AS, are now well established with an office and warehouse in Magnolia, just north of Houston. The office is manned with a team of technical, business development and sales resources ready to serve new and existing MudCube customers in the North American market.

Our warehouse holds critical spares and filterbelts as well as MudCubes ready to be deployed in field. The new MudCube has come down in price and may now compete with traditional shakers. Why don’t you come in and visit us to take a closer look and get an update on the MudCube?

Visiting address: 331 Corporate Woods Dr A1, Magnolia, TX 77354

PureCube – Dry Solids Separation System with Spray-Bar Rinse

The PureCube performs solids separation, washing and dewatering within one compact unit!

The PureCube being a heavy-duty but highly compact microvibration enhanced continuous vacuum filterbelt is applicable in many industry segments such as the mining industry. Water reuse and dry solids are some of the keywords , and where cleaner materials are required, spray bars can be included to assist with the washing process. Some applications have experienced a humidity content as low as 12% with a PureCube Separation System, but final humidity depends on both surface as well as inherent humidity. On average we achieve 18-22% within mining tailings and water management applications where minerals are involved. Please contact us in Cubility for further info.

The PureCube performs solids separation, washing and dewatering within one compact unit.

Seminar i Santiago with Norwegian Tunneling Network

Cubilitys, Henrik J. Steffens  were on of the speakers when  Norwegian Tunnelling Network (NTN) held a technical seminar in Santiago de Chile to meet authorities, stakeholders, and the Chilean tunnel industry, to discuss projects, methods, technology and latest experiences from Norway and Chile. The activities were planned and carried out in cooperation with Innovation Norway and The Norwegian Embassy in this High Potential Opportunity (HPO) program. Fieldtrips were also conducted to the impressive new Metro projects under construction, and visit to Codelco and the El Teniente, the world’s biggest underground copper mine. 
We have received great feedbacks from the tunnelling community in Chile concerning the #PureCube product together with other technologies from Norway. Thanks to the excellent planning from the NTN project team including Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Embassy in Santiago. And we would like to give a special thanks to the Chilean Tunnelling Committee (CTES).

Improved Liquid Recovery in Solids Control

On site in Argentina with solid separation equipment, MudCube

Cubility’s partner in Argentina, Segar Polyar SA, achieves amazing results with their MudCube fleet in Vaca Muerta. During a 3 well test they have documented that two MudCubes replacing the flowline shakers and the drying shakers give substantial mud savings while improving the mud quality.

Check out this article published in the Oil & Gas Innovation Magazine fall 2022 edition, where we explain why MudCubes offers an improved performance compared with a traditional shaker.

Drilling waste management with a MudCube

The Chilean tunnelling industry – visit to Cubility in Norway

The Chileas Tunneling committe visitit Norway to learn more about the Norwegian way of working.

The Chilean Tunnelling Committee (CTES), including public clients and officials, visited Norway to learn more about the Norwegian Way of Working. This project was arranged by Norwegian Tunnelling Network (NTN) in collaboration with Innovation Norway, which have started a High Potential Opportunities (HPO) Project. This is a new demand-driven export program, where the entire Norwegian support apparatus contribute to increase Norwegian exports by starting a long-term cooperation with authorities, universities, and the tunnelling industry, in Chile.

The Tunnelling & Mining Seminar was held at Cubility’s facilities in Sandnes, where the innovative PureCube solid/liquid separation system is manufactured. Based on Cubility’s experience from operations within oil and gas drilling, the PureCube is now introduced to the tunnelling and general market for separation of solids from liquids. The PureCube being a microvibration enhanced continuous vacuum belt filter which is applicable in many industry segments.

Innovation Norway was also present at this event, and with several speakers presenting the latest technological advancements, with active follow-up discussions. The technical visit initiated at the Cubility test centre, where Cubility engineers held a very interesting presentation. Following this the seminar was held. Here Cubility AS, NGI, Emerald Geomodelling AS and Protan AS told us more about methods and technologies in tunnelling and mining. Trafsys AS told us more about road tunnel operations and how to deal with tunnel safety.

Present on this visit from Chile, we had experts from both SINTEF and Incitu AS, representing hands on knowledge and experience from tunnelling and mining in Chile/Norway. An important contribution to the program, giving us insight to challenges ahead whenever innovation is implemented in a new culture.

The largest iron producer in Chile, Compañía Minera del Pacífico, is the main producer of iron are on the American Pacific coast. They gave us an insight in the main operations in the Atacama and Coquimbo regions but introduce us also to their main goals for sustainability and growth. A very high focus on safety, cost efficiency and sustainability in their future projects.

The project management from El Teniente (Codelco), the largest underground copper deposit on the planet, gave us an introduction to this mega project. The mining started in 1905 and contains of more than 4,500 kilometers of underground galleries. An increased use of tunnels are under planning, and there are set ambitious goals for cost efficiency, health, safety and environment, but also new requirements for sustainability in their operations.

Later on in Stavanger, we had a closer look at the construction of the longest (26,5 km) and deepest (390 m) subsea tunnel in the world, E39 Rogfast. The project management (The Public Road Administration), taught us more about planning and constructing complex subsea tunnels. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) introduced us to challenges and opportunities in planning fjord crossings and implementing subsea tunnels. Later the same day we had a closer look at the recently opened world longest subsea tunnel, Ryfylke tunnel (14,4 km/290 m).

Cubility opens office in Santiago, Chile

New Cubility office in Chile

New Cubility office in Chile 

Cubility is proud to announce the recent opening of its new office in Santiago de Chile, which will be operated together with the Norwegian Tunneling Network (NTN).

From here the local Cubility team will be managing its PureCube Technology marketing and sales efforts towards the Chilean and Latin America industry.

The office was officially inaugurated by the Norwegian ambassador and Innovation Norway. The implementation of an office is an important statement from Cubility and NTN members, telling the industry in Latin America that we now have a local presence and will be working with a long-time perspective in mind. We wish our colleagues Henrik J. Steffens and Leopoldo Gutierrez Cabello in Chile the very best with this exciting new project!!