Cubility AS is an innovative Norwegian company that is revolutionizing drilling operations and the waste and solids control issues that accompany them.

Cubility is based in Sandnes, Norway, where it houses a state-of-the-art test center, and has sales offices in Aberdeen, Houston, London and Kuala Lumpur as well as distribution partners across all the major oil & gas producing regions. Today Cubility’s customers include many of the industry’s leading operators and drilling contractors.

Cubility was founded in 2005 based around the simple but novel concept that solid control and mud treatment no longer needs to be dependent on traditional shaker technologies, prevalent in the oil & gas sector since the 1930’s. As an alternative, Cubility looked to a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach that provides significant operational costs savings; reduces waste levels as well as mud and chemical consumption; improves HSE; and leads to greater automation and operational efficiencies.

Cubility has been true to its word replacing the need for traditional shakers and conventional solids control equipment with its new vacuum and filtration-based system, the MudCube.

The MudCube improves operational efficiencies and reduces solids management costs through a significant reduction in waste levels, better mud quality (and a subsequent decrease in Non-Productive Time (NPT)) and the increased re-use of mud.

The MudCube also delivers HSE benefits through remote, automated operations and an enclosed system with reduced vibration and noise levels and the elimination of oil vapour and oil mist exposure. Finally, the MudCube frees up much-needed rig space and weight, thereby improving the drilling rig’s variable deck loads (VDL).

Since the first commercial sales of the MudCube in 2012 to Maersk Drilling, Dong Energy and Talisman Energy, milestones for Cubility have included:

  • The designation by Statoil of the MudCube as a proven technology in 2012
  • Regular orders of the MudCube including introductions to North Sea, Middle East, Far East and South America drilling sites as well as the US Marcellus Shale Play. 
  • Winner of the Rystad Energy 2014 New Venture of the Year Award where Cubiity was praised by the jury for “developing their own unique technology and challenging established players.”
  • The 2014 sale of Cubility by Energy Ventures to Triton Funds. “I believe we have only seen the beginning of its commercial breakthrough. We look forward to supporting Cubility as it grows its market and business over the coming years”, says Dag W.R. Strømme, advisor to Triton.

Yet, there is much more to come with a continued focus on increasing market share and changing the established ways of doing things. Today, Cubility is at just the beginning of its journey as it seeks to change solid control and waste management activities in drilling, as we know them. Watch this space!