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New MudCube-Article in Oil and Gas Innovation Magazine!

We are happy to announce this publication, where the unique benefits of our solids control system “MudCube” is once again highlighted:

“The 2nd generation MudCube delivers optimized solids control, thanks to the cost-saving through reduced mud consumption, reduced drilling waste and improved drilling performance. Additionally, minimum noise, zero gas vapours nor structural vibrations greatly enhances the working environment to modern standards. CarbonZero has also confirmed that by using the MudCube CO2e emissions may be reduced by 40-75% compared to using a traditional shaker. These results are made possible due to the special combination of high air flow being pulled through a rotating filterbelt with microvibration. This prevents the generation of low gravity solids, resulting in better quality mud, very dry cuttings, less wear on pumps among other benefits. With MudCubes now operating in all corners of the world, the conclusion is that the cost reductions achieved from operating this technology quickly surpass the investment cost of installing them.”

PDF here